The Olympic Advertising Relay

July 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

The Olympic Advertising Relay

Driving through Aylesbury yesterday I accidentally caught the end of what I can only describe as the Olympic advertising relay. Shinny BMW motorbikes came screaming down the middle of the road, over a flyover and past a burnt our speed camera and the jam I was stuck in. and to protect what? Some logo covered cars and a coca-cola bus handing our plastic, disposable shit to a hopeful crowd. It appeared the good British people had come out armed with bunting, flags and BBQs to celebrate all these lovely endorsed corporations that we all know only want to do us a world off good.


After the might a glory of the Beijing games, I have no issue with the more modest London games in our age of ego and excess. Britain is no longer an emerging nation with a point to prove. But why must we saturate everything with the logos of these morally questionable organisations, proving to the world once again Britain is nation of tight, elitist, super capitalists. The Olympic games is a gift to our nation, to promote our selves and our values. And we in turn provide a meeting and spectacle for the world. The games are not for us to make a fast buck and boost our economy, although it does help. However by covering everything in MacDonald’s and Coca-Cola logos, we are only promoting the values of these corporations, and appear only interested in the games as a profitable endeavor.
This effect is ever more poignant for a nation who’s relaxed attitude to banking regulation, allowed the development of a swollen banking sector now at the center of an international crisis; captured neatly this week by the behavior of proud British brand Barkleys.

Watching ten minuets television right now is enough to grow sick of everyone, thing and product trying to cash in on the Olympic and the athletes competing, however differing the ethos and ethics of the athlete and Olympics to the corporation. Is nothing sacred now days from the privatisation, and corporatisation of capitalism that simply wants to sell me something at every opportunity? Could our government not at least have stepped up and paid for the Torch relay to be a little less drenched in this shit!?


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